“I’ve been with BeeOne for a while now and have got so much out of the platform already. I’d really recommend it to anyone, I managed to start making savings very quickly so I’m very happy”.
Arumugam Loganathan, Entrepreneur & BeeOne Distributor


Watch Tania and Rummana explain how they find the events that we stage really helpful and see them as a real turning point in their lives!

Rummana is a teacher who is going back to university to further her career, but sees a great opportunity with BeeOne to earn a part-time living on the side and help fund her way through her studies.

Manu has been with the company for around 1.5 years and likes the usability of the cryptocurrency that we offer. Every month he’s able to accumulate £6,000 worth of digital currency which he uses for his day-to-day shopping.


Jayabalan joined BeeOne in April 2018 and earns half of his initial investment back every day through our program as CCRB.


Christine joined BeeOne in November 2017 when she realised that cryptocurrency was ‘taking over the world’ and she felt she just had to be part of it! She loves the usability of CCRB and can see clearly how everyone in the world might be able to use our digital currency for good in the future.


Kannan started with us in August 2017 and has built up nearly 200 people in his team in his first year with the business. He loves the way he benefits from getting around £60 cashback a week using the platform.

Nadarajah used to be a Retail Manager, but joined BeeOne in order to take advantage of the cashback and mining…he has 4 members above him and now aims to become an Executive Manager.
Thomas is a qualified Electrical Installation Engineer, but uses BeeOne in order to supplement his income through shopping and is a strong user of the mining tool that we have on the platform. He has already owned £1,900 worth of CCRB at the High Internal Value, and has no plans to stop now!


Takoor has a very big team comprising of more than 2,000 people…even though he still works full-time at the same time as building his business with BeeOne. He finds the benefits of BeeOne to be ‘unbelievable’…hear more of what he has to say by watching the video.


Prabakaran is from Hayes and started working with BeeOne back in September 2017.

In one month he saved almost £1,200 through the BeeOne platform.


Mohanathasan is from Perivale and has a background in Retail, he became interested in Cryptocarbon a few years ago and so joined the BeeOne team.

He loves technology but also enjoys making and saving money!

Thilakshankulasingam is a Protection Adviser by profession and since joining Beeone has enjoyed using 10% CCRB to pay for goods at retailers such as Tesco.

He’s a keen shopper through the platform so is especially pleased to hear that at our Global Convention 2018 we announced that there are ways that you can use more than 10% CCRB for shopping on the platform!


Convinced and want to join the team?