Why You Need a Global WiFi Pass?

Automatically connect to WiFi – Access millions of WiFi hotspots at home and abroad and save on your mobile data usage and eliminate roaming charges.

Secure all your data - The WorldSIM WiFi pass ensures you browse over a secure connection via our built in VPN unlike many free WiFi hotspots.

Access premium WiFi hotspots free - No need to pay, enter passwords or provide your personal details.

Simple and quick installation - Our App is compatible with IOS, Android, Windows and Mac.

Unlimited data – With no data limits you use Skype, Facebook, Instagram, What’s App and Youtube to your hearts content without worrying about the charges.


After you placed an order we will send you an activation email, this enables you to download the app.


Once downloaded, open the app and select which of the nearby WiFi hotspots you want to connect to.


Start browsing the internet.

Where You Can Use It

Our 57 million Wi-Fi hotspots are located across 120 countries. Locations include trains, planes, at airports, restaurants, cafes and outdoor spaces. You can even get online on many international flights. Our global WiFi pass is ideal for business travellers, city travellers and those heading to built up destinations.

See where is covered

Travel Smarter


Whether you are travelling on business or leisure, you are able to stay connected to what matters most; on planes, trains, airports, cafes and more.

Stay secure

Our WiFi hotspots are secure so your data is kept safe, unlike free WiFi hotspots where your personal information could be discovered by hackers.

Reduce the hassle

You don’t need to run around searching for free WiFi as we will automatically connect you so you can get online when you need to.

No charges

Once you have purchased a WiFi pass there are no more charges or roaming fees to worry about.





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