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Cashback at Asda is made available by Beeone using our In-store Cashback platform. Register your own Credit / Debit cards to collect Beepointz. Please go Browse>Instore Cashback and agree the term and conditions to sign up. To register additional cards please go to In-store Cashback>Menu>My Account>Cards> Add Card to register your additional cards.
Gold / Perfect Living account holders can get Beeone "CredEcard" and collect up to 40% Beepointz per purchase. Please go to Dashboard> CredEcard>Apply Now to apply for a new CredEcard.

IMPORTANT - Fuel purchases, or those receipts uploaded which contain fuel purchases do not qualify for cashback.

Upload your card holder receipt to collect Beepointz. Please go to In-store Cashback> Select ASDA from the retailers list (if not please use the "search for a merchant" option) > Submit Receipt> Select the purchase date> Enter the receipt amount> Upload the receipt> Click SAVE. If you have a really long receipt please cut and place the separate pieces of your receipt together on a table top so that all pieces of it are visible in your photo upload.

Terms & conditions
It could take up to 60 days for your account to be credited after a successful transaction. Collect 10% (CT)





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